A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Sea of Thieves de-make - as it have been released in 1989.

Made for the JFO Jam III; maybe will work on it some more in the future.

Sink ships, plunder and stash gold, get powerups, all before the timer runs out in Sea of Thieves '89, this arcade inspired de-make of Rares beloved black-screen-and-hitreg-issue simulator.

How to Play:

Steer the ship with the Left and Right arrows.

Adjust the sails with the Up and Down arrows. Lowered sails means your ship goes faster, but turns at a bigger radious.

Shoot at enemy ships with the A and D keys.

When a cannonball hits your ship, it creates holes on her hull. Fix the holes with holding the S key.

When holes are left unfixed, water rushes into the ship. More holes mean water can get in faster. If the ship is full of water, it sinks. You can bucket out water by holding the W key.

You can use your looking glass with Space.

When sunk, enemy ships drop treasure. Sail through the chests to plunder the gold.

When your ship sinks, you lose all your gold on board. However, you can stash your gold at outposts by sailing through the dark blue parts of the sea.

You can toggle the CRT effect with F1.


Game Design, Programming, Additional Graphics by theLionCount (thelioncount.itch.io)

PIPOYA Vehicle & Ship Sprites by PIPOYA (pipoya.itch.io)

RPG Beach Tileset by stealthix (stealthix.itch.io)

Drunken Sailor (8 Bit Chiptune) by Raxlen Slice (youtube.com/c/RaxlenSlice)

VCR OSD Mono by Riciery Leal (dafont.com/profile.php?user=777625)

Windlass by Gabriela Güther (dafont.com/profile.php?user=742741)

Retro SFXs by Andrea Baroni (andreabaroni.com)

Game Design Consulting, Additional Writing by Krisztian Nagy (twitter.com/rozsd_s)

Additional Graphics Work, Additional Testing by Omaano (instagram.com/omaano)

Based on the game 'Sea of Thieves' by Rare, which I obviously don't own in any way

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsAction-Adventure, Arcade, Demake, Pirates, Sailing


SoT89Linux.zip 41 MB
Sot89win.zip 26 MB


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